Tuesday, April 25, 2017

D'Angelico Grateful Dead DC Guitar Is Here!

For fans and serious players alike, the D'Angelico Grateful Dead DC Guitar is both the ultimate collector's item and an exceptionally crafted instrument built to be played! This striking guitar is a 16 inch wide semi-hollow. Featuring D'Angelico humbuckers, a slim C-shape neck, chrome hardware and the iconic red-white-and-blue Dead lightning bolt. We setup every guitar in our shop for perfect string height and playability. Come down and try it out! 

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

D'Angelico Bob Weir Premier SS Guitar Is In!

We are so excited that the D'Angelico Bob Weir Premier SS is here! D'Angelico co-designed this special guitar with American music legend Bob Weir. This versatile guitar features a compact Bigsby tremolo system for maximum performance, a master volume knob for total control, push/pull tone knobs for coil tapping, an all new Stone custom finish and full centerblock for sustain and resonance. This beautiful guitar plays effortlessly! We setup every guitar in our shop for perfect string height and playability. Come down to try it out! 

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Kala-KA-SRMT-TRI-Limited Edition Tenor Ukulele

This is a beautiful limited edition Kala tenor ukulele, model KA-SRMT-TRI. Tricolor back. Made from solid spruce, solid rosewood and mango wood. Just beautiful! Plays with a vibrant tone as well! Here's an instrument that's great for the novice as well as the pro. You'll be proud to own this rare and collectable piece.

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Billy Joel at Nassau Coliseum

Billy Joel opening up the newly renovated Nassau Coliseum with visits from Joan Jett, Kevin James and Leah Remini. What a way to open! Amazing show!

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Musical Instrument Repair Deal!

Now Is The Perfect Time 
To Bring Your Instrument In For Repairs

Take advantage of school vacation time to have your instrument repaired. 
All Instruments dropped off by 
Friday, April 7 will get

10% OFF Repair 
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 FREE Comprehensive 
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             *When mention this post. Some exclusions

2170 Sunrise Hwy., Merrick

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Just In- D'Angelico Premier SD Solid Body Les Paul Style Electric Guitar in Trans Blue Finish!

This gorgeous guitar is a revamped version of D'Angelico's flagship solid body
designed for performance and power and defined by its balance of strength and elegance. D'Angelico humbuckers provide shimmering clean tones, but are also built to handle overdrive. Its body is hefty but remains impressively lightweight, due to a sleek arched top and belly cut. Designed with a focus on comfort, the SD's slim neck profile and deeper single cutaway promise playability, even when speeding through runs. Set Up In Shop for Optimum Playability. Come Down and Try It Out!

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Guitar Adjustments: Problems With Temperature and Humidity

We have been seeing a lot of guitars coming in for adjustments lately due to action problems, buzzing strings and warping necks. These issues are all due to humidity control for the guitars. A lack of humidity in the air due to changing temperatures, not using a guitar humidifier, changes in altitude and improper guitar storage where temperatures fluctuate, can cause these problems to occur. Guitars are made of wood which expands and contracts with temperature and humidity changes. The wood expanding or contracting can cause action problems or even bow or warp the neck of the guitar. This same effect can also happen to other wooden acoustic string instruments such as violins, violas, bass, cellos and ukuleles. To prevent this from happening to your guitar, keep it humidified with a guitar humidifier and be careful where you store it. Wooden instruments should never be stored close to areas where extreme temperature fluctuations can occur. For example, by a heating/cooling vent, radiator, radiant heat, stove, windows or doors. If you detect a change in your guitar's handling or notice warping, bring your guitar in to an experienced luthier for immediate attention.