Thursday, March 10, 2022

Impeccably Restored Wm S Haynes Solid Wood Flute w/Solid Sterling Silver Keys c.1907


To professional flute players the name Wm S Haynes needs no introduction. Arguably makers of the finest handmade flutes in the world!

This antique Wm S Haynes solid wood flute with sterling silver keys was handmade c.1907. The system is closed hole, offset G and C foot. It plays up to A441.

Mechanically this flute was found in excellent mechanical condition. Apparently this flute was not heavily used since there was no wear on the key tubing. The only real problems were rusted screws and rods, some of which have been replaced. Two small cracks in the headjoint were repaired and warrantied. The embouchure is in perfect condition. Also has the original threaded crown and stem.
This incredible rare instrument was just restored by Susan E. who worked at the Haynes flute Co. in Boston. with all new pads, new corks and felts. Looks and plays beautifully with a full rich tone. Very fluid throughout all registers. Just a delight to play! 

We have several other refurbished intermediate and professional silver flutes available. In addition, we also have other wooden flutes including simple key systems.

Thursday, March 3, 2022


This is an offer your guitar or bass can't pass up!

Deluxe setup includes:
· restringing
· truss rod, nut, and saddle adjustment
· fret board cleaning and treatment
· deep body cleaning
· electronics cleaning
· polishing

It's like a spa day for your axe!


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Thursday, February 17, 2022

Selmer, Paris-Mark VI Tenor Saxophone-Just Overhauled w/Kangaroo Pads-Made 1965!

The Selmer, Paris Mark VI tenor saxophone needs no introduction. Arguably the best saxophone ever made! It plays like a dream with an immediate response and the unmistakable color and nuance which makes Mark VI's the most sought after horns in history.

This Paris Mark VI was made c.1965. There is no lacquer on the horn or keys and was removed by the previous owner. Mechanically the horn is in excellent condition and only has some minor ripples due to previous ding repairs. The pearls are in excellent condition. It appears to be all original with no previous bad repairs or tool marks, only a resolder mark on one key guard. A few scratches and scuffs which would be normal for a horn this age. The horn was just overhauled by Joe Cook one of the original workers at the Selmer factory who padded and assembled these horns in the 1960's. He used black kangaroo skin pads and all new bumpers, felts and corks.

The original case is included along with a new hand crafted grenadilla neck plug, cork grease, care kit and reeds of your choice. Come try this one out at the store!