Saturday, June 28, 2014

Celestini Deluxe 15 1/2" Viola

This is a Celestini (our own house brand) handmade deluxe 15 1/2" viola. This model is crafted of solid wood with a spruce top, flamed maple back and ribs, real purfling, ebony fittings and a gloss varnish finish.  We import these fine instruments from Asia and then completely rebuild them in our shop to the highest specifications. Fingerboards are recut, pegs are recut, new nuts, buttons, new strings and new bridges are made to bring out the best in each instrument. This viola plays with a deep resonant tone. Could easily be used professionally and will continue to play better and better with time. This has been one of our most popular violas for advancing students and semi-professionals. There are many great looking violas out there, but our own set-up is what makes these instruments spectacular! Visit for more information.

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