Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Pristine, Restored 1942 Verne Q Powell Handmade Flute

This solid sterling silver flute was handmade by Verne Q Powell in 1942. Impeccably restored to better than new condition! Clearly and example of the finest workmanship featuring soldered tone holes, pointed keys, closed hole keys and a C foot. 
This flute came to us in excellent condition. Used only by the original owner who recently passed away and was sold to us by the family. For that reason there was very little wear, but having been stored unplayed for about 25 years, we had to remove dirt and solidified oil from the mechanism. Shockingly it kept the mechanism well preserved. We used top of the line Pisoni pads and no tone hole filing was done or needed to be done. 

A flute of this quality is truly a find! Plays so beautifully and effortlessly. The tubing, .016" gives this flute a rich yet quick response. Plays easily at A=440 and slightly above.

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