Saturday, June 28, 2014

Celestini Deluxe 15 1/2" Viola

This is a Celestini (our own house brand) handmade deluxe 15 1/2" viola. This model is crafted of solid wood with a spruce top, flamed maple back and ribs, real purfling, ebony fittings and a gloss varnish finish.  We import these fine instruments from Asia and then completely rebuild them in our shop to the highest specifications. Fingerboards are recut, pegs are recut, new nuts, buttons, new strings and new bridges are made to bring out the best in each instrument. This viola plays with a deep resonant tone. Could easily be used professionally and will continue to play better and better with time. This has been one of our most popular violas for advancing students and semi-professionals. There are many great looking violas out there, but our own set-up is what makes these instruments spectacular! Visit for more information.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Our Ampeg Start

Don Russo (left) and Frankie Carle

Scott Russ Music has a history that has ties with the company Ampeg.  Our founder, Don Russo, was involved with Ampeg Bassamp Company, an innovator in amplified upright bass pickups, early on.  Don worked with Ampeg founder Everett Hull in the late 1940's and early 1950's.  At the time, Ampeg was producing a pickup for the upright bass, and instrument amplifiers with minimal output distortion. They were looking to magnify the sound of the bass so it would stand out more in the music. Don, a musician, worked with Hull on research and development.  In addition, both Don and his wife Sandra worked with Hull in the evenings to test the amps. The voltage in the building the company was located in fluctuated a lot during the day, due to the heavy use and Con Edison not having enough generators.  This made it difficult to test the amps during the daytime.  As a result, they had wait until nighttime to test the amps so they could tell if the they were working correctly.  According to the book Ampeg:The Story Behind The Sound, by Greg Hopkins and Bill Moore, Don "... enjoyed working for Hull and learned enough about the business to set up a music equipment shop himself later on."  This music shop is now run by Don's son Scott and is called Scott Russ Music.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Pad Savers

For best performance, replace the pad savers on woodwind instruments 1x/year.  For more information on instrument maintenance and repairs visit

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Tip Of The Day- Instrument Mouthpiece Cleaning

Any instrument mouthpiece should be cleaned with soap and water and an instrument cleaning brush at least 1x/month to get rid of bacteria from saliva. For more great musical tips and instruments visit